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PVD - 11/29

AfroVibes Providence 2019

PVD - 12/2

Providence December Afrobeat Fit Sweat Session 2019

BOS - 12/7

BOS December Afrobeat Fit Sweat Session 2019

BOS - 12/14

BOS December Afrobeat Fit Sweat Session 2019


You are encouraged to wear whatever you feel most comfortable dancing it.

All purchases are non-refundable and non transferrable. Tickets can be switched to a future date.

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Yes, but please note that Afrobeat Fit is cashless and all purchases must be made via EventBrite. No exceptions.

Students are welcomed and will be charged half price to attend. If more than 5 students are attending in a group, please forward names and ages to, prior to the Sweat Session. Children under 10 are free and must be accompanied by parent/guardian.

Sweat Sessions are free for men in hopes to change and dispel social norms and stereotypes that dance fitness classes are solely for women. We, at Afrobeat Fit curate movement for people of all ethnicities, creeds and skill levels. The hope is for men to try out Afrobeat Fit and recognize that African movement is not confined to gender, contrary to Westernized movement and beliefs.

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